At Fred Finch Youth & Family Services we understand that sometimes outpatient care isn’t enough. Living environments can sometimes be more harmful than good, or a child is in a temporary state of crisis and is in need of the stability and structure that residential treatment can provide.


Our residential services are designed to provide children and youth with comprehensive, around-the-clock care to help them get to the next stepping-stone in their treatment and farther down the path toward wellness.


Avalon is a short stay residential therapeutic program and non-public school for youth ages 12 to 18 with a dual diagnosis of serious emotional disturbance and developmental disability. The youth are referred to Avalon because their behavior cannot be managed by their caretaker.


The program provides a safe, stable, and highly structured environment by combining intensive staffing, mental health interventions and behavior modification. Individual, group and family therapy is a part of everyday life. The goal of the program is to maximize a resident’s level of functioning to enable them to engage in a pattern of everyday living similar to that of non-disabled peers.

With a multidisciplinary team comprised of highly experienced staff, the rates of success of Avalon are high. After a one year to 18-month stay, 100% of youth had decreased symptoms after completing the program. More than 57% of students achieved their Individual Education Plan goals.



New Yosemite

New Yosemite is a four-bed short-term crisis stabilization program for youth, from 8 to 17, who are on the autism spectrum. Participants are struggling to be maintained at home and their families are stressed beyond their capacity.


New Yosemite offers crisis intervention, behavior stabilization, assessment, brief treatment, individual and family therapy, and comprehensive discharge planning services, with the goal of reuniting youth with their families. This combination of services, provided up to 90 days, allows for the development of comprehensive treatment and appropriate after-care plans for each youth. In this intensive therapeutic environment, 85% of the youth meet their treatment goals and return to live with their families upon completion of the program.


San Diego Dual Diagnosis

San Diego Dual Diagnosis is a residential treatment program and specialized, state-licensed non-public school for youth ages 12 to 22 who have an intellectual disability and suffer from significant mental health challenges. Our staff offers a variety of early intervention services that are individually designed to support participants, providing residents with intensive mental health, behavioral and psychiatric support along with a variety of recreational therapy treatments that enables them to gain the skills, knowledge, and abilities to move successfully into adult life. At the specialized school, students benefit from both special education academic and functional classroom learning.


With dedicated staff offering extensive experience addressing very complex behavioral health conditions and neurodevelopmental disorders, more than 90% of clients in this program are able to meet or make significant progress on their Independent Education Plan (IEP), and more than 80% of clients are able to live in the community with outpatient-based aftercare services after completing the program.