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In addition to our ongoing commitment to providing vital services, Fred Finch actively engages with the community through a variety of events, fostering connections and celebrating impactful individuals.


Our signature events include the annual Golf Charity Tournament, a lively gathering where attendees enjoy a day on the green while supporting our mission.


Another significant occasion is the Impact Celebration, a highlight on our calendar that recognizes individuals making a substantial difference in our community. The prestigious John F. Steinfirst Community Award, presented during this celebration, honors advocates for children and families, particularly in underserved communities. Recipients of this esteemed award embody our values and commitment to creating positive change.


We take pride in acknowledging the outstanding contributions of those who have received the John F. Steinfirst Community Award over the years:

🔹2023 - Fred Atkinson, Fred Finch Employee

🔹2022 - Wilma Chan (posthumous), Alameda County Board of Supervisors (former state assembly member)

🔹2021 - Dr. Rhea Boyd, Chief Strategy Officer – Children’s Trust

🔹2020 - Staff of Fred Finch Youth & Family Services & FF CARES - COVID recognition

🔹2019 - Dr. Prince White (posthumous), Urban Peace Academy (founder & ED)

🔹2018 - Carroll Schroeder, Executive Director - California Alliance of Children & Family Services

🔹2017 - Tom Bates, Former state senator and mayor of Berkeley

🔹2016 - Tony Thurmond, Superintendent – CA State Dept of Education (was a CA Assembly member in 2016)

These events, hosted in both Northern and Southern California, serve as platforms for networking, collaboration, and a celebration of our shared dedication to building stronger, healthier communities. We believe in the power of coming together, and these gatherings allow us to express our gratitude to those who contribute to our mission and inspire others to join us in making a lasting impact. Please check back often for upcoming events and consider joining or supporting us in whichever capacity, we welcome your involvement.

Past Events

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