Fred Finch Youth & Family Services offers unconditional care, support and opportunity to children, youth, young adults, and their families who face complex challenges from one or more of the following: mental or emotional impairment; developmental disability; trauma and abuse, some at a very young age; alcohol or other drug use; poverty; exclusion; discrimination and stigma.

Because each person has different needs and needs change over time, services are available in several configurations and many locations including residential treatment, public school, non-public school, homes, community settings, specialized independent and shared housing. All mental health, educational and social services are professional, culturally competent, innovative, individualized and based on the strengths, hopes and aspirations of each person and family. The goal is always to support the individual and family on their journey to a healthy, satisfying, productive life in the community.

“One of the most important things you can do on this earth is to let people know they are not alone.” - Shannon L. Alder

Family Services

Serving families with significant and complex needs including trauma, neglect, substance abuse, domestic violence and more.


Mental Health Services

Fred Finch has been providing intensive community-based mental health services for youth in homes, schools, and clinics for over two decades.


A true innovator in the development of housing opportunities for youth with emotional disturbance, Fred Finch continues its leadership in the field with the development of Rising Oaks, which provides a new lease on life for 30 foster youth aging out of the child welfare system. 


Young Adult Services

Designed to complement Fred Finch housing programs, the transition programs provide vocational and educational connections, mental health support, and linkage to other community supports.


Residential Treatment

Sometimes outpatient care isn’t enough. Living environments can sometimes be more harmful than good, or a child is in a temporary state of crisis and really needs the stability and structure that residential treatment can provide.  


School and Educational

Fred Finch has provided special education non-public school services and behavioral health services to public schools for more than two decades.