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Our Strategic Plan

Our Mission

Fred Finch Youth & Family Services partners with people and communities to provide culturally responsive services that cultivate mental and physical resiliency and wellness.


 Our Vision for the Future

At Fred Finch Youth & Family Services we strongly believe developing and nurturing a stable, inquisitive and nimble organization are the keys to ensuring that Fred Finch will always be able to achieve our mission, no matter what challenges we may face.


Our strategic plan will improve our capacity to achieve higher levels of expertise, sustaining and growing our programs through innovative collaboration, staff empowerment, intentional leadership succession and sound business development practices.  This plan provides a five year framework of strategies, tactics and activities leading Fred Finch into another century of providing innovative and effective services to kids and families in need.

Our Strategic Priorities

Equity, Diversity, & Cultural Responsivity 

High Quality Care

Robust Presence in Our Communities

Influence  Practice & Policy

Support Innovation & Growth

Stability & Sustainability


Equity Diversity & Cultural Responsivity

Maintaining an equitable and culturally diverse organization is essential to our mission.  This work is an ongoing collaboration with the people we serve, staff, leadership and the Board of Directors.  We are committed to continuously improving our cultural responsiveness through consistent implementation of our Racial Equity Plan, which challenges us to be fearless in our quest for equity, justice and respect.  Our comprehensive plan involves using results from inter-organizational surveys, and periodic internal employee “pulse surveys” that obtain feedback on equity issues within the organization.  We are also implementing a comprehensive retention and recruitment plan for staff and leadership of color, and improving supportive management training and competencies. 


High Quality Care

Our data-driven reports illustrate that our innovative and high-quality services generate successful outcomes, helping kids and families sustain wellness and cultivate resiliency.  We will leverage this successful performance to expand access to our services to become a beacon of access to services that bring value to participants and the communities in which they live.  Using a sophisticated Continuous Quality Improve (CQI) process, we maximize the impact of our treatment techniques by continuously monitoring our work via outcomes and satisfaction data, which informs service improvements , and identifies new programs that meet the needs of the most vulnerable people in our state.


Robust Presence in Our Communities

If our 130-year history of treating kids and families has taught us anything it is that the key to longevity is not only consistent high-quality services, but innovative adaptability as well.  Having provided services now in three centuries, Fred Finch has demonstrated long-term stability, growth and constant innovation of our services to meet the needs of communities.  We are committed to continuing this success through reliable channels of communication with our staff, those who participate in our programs, and our community partners and supporters, from whom we will solicit feedback on areas of need and opportunity that help more people more efficiently, with ever improving outcomes.

Presence in Communities

Influence Over Practice & Policy

Given our rich history and impressive breadth of programs, we recognize our unique position of trust and reliability when working with government agencies, community partners, philanthropic donors and community members to develop and fund new services through enlightened practice and policy advocacy.  We are committed to using our stature, expertise and performance data to establish a broad influence with stakeholders across the state.  We will inform decisions and shape policy by communicating the proven demand for increased accessibility to housing, mental healthcare, education, and independent living services and advocating for the vulnerable populations in need.


Support Innovation & Growth

At Fred Finch we understand that expansion and growth of our services requires investment in both our workforce and in the business intelligence systems that provide the information needed to deliver the highest quality care. We are investing in succession planning across the organization, including our Board of Directors and senior leadership.  We are also implementing state of the art business intelligence systems, as well as new, efficient project and change management processes.  Our goal to develop robust business development processes and resources will allow us to effectively and efficiently respond to the overwhelming demand for the treatments we provide to people throughout California.

Innovation & Growth

Stability & Sustainability

As an essential component to the strategic planning process, we recognize our capacity to evolve to meet the ever-changing needs of those we serve is directly related to our financial stability.  After 130-years of history we understand that diversifying our funding streams is essential to prolonged sustainability.  Our strategic plan includes initiatives designed to strengthen and expand our base of philanthropic supporters and partnerships, to identify opportunities for new models of service reimbursement, and to secure additional sources of public and private support of our mission while broadening our impact.


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“I think a hero is any person really intent on making this a better place for all people.” – Maya Angelou

Our Values

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At Fred Finch, these values are not just what we say, but what we do. You can see it in every program. Our staff is compassionate and committed, resourceful with your donations, innovative in our solutions. We work with young people to overcome multiple and simultaneous challenges, including homelessness, economic disadvantage, mental health and cognitive disabilities, and histories of significant trauma and loss.

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