Designed to complement Fred Finch housing programs, the transition programs provide vocational and educational connections, mental health support, and linkage to other community supports. Many of the youth accessing these services are former foster children, who bring with them histories of abuse, neglect, and complex emotional and physical health needs. With the development of the school-linked wellness center on site at Fred Finch’s main Oakland campus, we will provide necessary health and dental services as a component of assisting these youth in achieving stability and independence.

Contra Costa Transition Aged Youth (CCTAY)

CCTAY serves young adults, ages 18 to 25, living in central and west Contra Costa County who have serious mental health challenges. The young adults receive individual therapy, intensive case management and participate in workshops on topics that range from sexuality to employment. Relationship building is critical to the program, helping participants develop socialization skills, strengthen existing bonds and expand their network of support.


In addition to mental health issues, these young adults may also face myriad other challenges including substance abuse, difficulty maintaining engagement in school or work, exposure to trauma, unstable housing and involvement in the legal system. Despite these challenges, CCTAY participants in 2018 experienced a 99.7% decrease in the use of inpatient hospitalization services and a 55% decrease in the rate of use of Psychiatric Emergency services. Transition Age Youth programs championed by Fred French have a high rate of success, with 75% of participants going on to lead happy, healthy adult lives, retaining employment and sustaining positive relationships and good health.



The STAY program provides a comprehensive range of support services for transition age young adults (TAY) age 18 through 24 in Alameda County who have significant mental health disabilities and are unserved or underserved by the current system. The primary goals for the STAY program are to support participants in accessing safe, stable housing in achieving their individualized, recovery-focused goals and in functioning as self-sufficiently as possible within their homes and communities.



Transitions provides therapy and other services to youth and young adult MediCal recipients in Alameda County ages 15.5 to 21 years old who suffer from moderate to severe mental health challenges. The program also has the capacity to serve adults ages 21 to 25 with approval from Alameda County Behavioral Health Care Services.

Using a model that engages young people in their own recovery, Transitions provides participants with comprehensive care, including individual therapy and rehabilitation with hands-on skill building, family therapy, group therapy, group rehabilitation, intensive case management and medication support. Participants are also linked to programs to assist with housing, job training, employment, education and public benefits. Through the program, youth resolve or learn to cope with their symptoms and problems, as well as create a long-term support system so they can lead healthy lives and pursue their personal goals.


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