Fred Finch Youth & Family Services has been providing intensive community-based mental health services for youth in homes, schools, and clinics for over two decades. Characterized by accessible, trauma-informed, and intensive support, mental health services are provided to youth at risk of placement disruption, whether from natural, foster family, or group home care. Services reach young people with mental illness, significant trauma or loss, or other emotional distress. Mental health services are also provided in school settings where the focus is on promoting emotional health so that a student can benefit from their educational opportunities.

In-Home Services

In-Home Services (Alameda County)

Alameda County In-Home Stabilization offers short-term, intensive home-based therapeutic services for youth, ages 3 to 20 and their families. By providing immediate treatment and ongoing support, including individual and family counseling, case management and 24-7 crisis call availability for up to six months weeks, the program aims to prevent the need for placement of youth in group homes or higher-level facilities, preserving the family and home environment. The In-Home program uses innovative strategies to minimize safety risks while increasing the youth’s hope, resilience and problem-solving capabilities.


These services are provided for wards of Alameda County Court who have full-scope Alameda County Medi-Cal and youth who are seriously emotionally disturbed and are either at-risk for psychiatric hospitalization or have recently been hospitalized. Youth released from psychiatric hospitalization at Willow Rock who are not on probation or receiving social services are eligible.


Therapeutic Behavioral Services

Fred Finch has provided Therapeutic Behavioral Services (TBS) since 2001. The TBS model is a one-to-one behavioral intervention adjunct to mental health services. TBS can help children, youth, parents, caregivers, foster parents, group home staff, and school personnel learn new ways to eliminate, reduce and manage challenging behaviors, as well as strategies and skills to increase the kinds of behaviors that will enable children and youth to succeed in their current environment and prevent transition to higher level placements. TBS also helps children and youth transition to lower levels of care (e.g., moving from a group to a family home).


Visiting Therapist Program

The Visiting Therapist Program provides weekly, trauma-focused psychotherapy to Alameda County dependent children and youth who have had trouble utilizing traditional office- or clinic-based services. Offering weekly individual therapy to children and young people, ages 3 to 20, involved in the juvenile justice or child welfare system in their place of residence provides valuable continuity of services, even if the participant moves to a different home or placement. The program has a strong commitment to utilizing evidence- and trauma-informed approaches that take into account how the experience of abuse and neglect have impacted the health and wellbeing of the participants. Using the Child and Adolescent Needs and Strengths Assessment, 72% of participants improved in at least one domain, including strengths, behavioral and emotional needs and trauma.


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