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Serving families with significant and complex needs including trauma, neglect, substance abuse, domestic violence, mental illness, developmental challenges, and poverty, Fred Finch has long held the belief that family-centered service results in the best outcomes for children and youth. Recognizing that families, whether traditional or fashioned by other choices, provide sustenance and permanence over a lifetime, Fred Finch works in a variety of settings to assist families in becoming self-sufficient and resilient. Whether in our specialized residential programs, community-based wraparound programs, or community-based mental health or parenting programs, services are designed to value the strengths of each family member and to move families to utilizing their own strengths and supports.

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  • High Wraparound fidelity model that is family centered, culturally/linguistically responsive and community based.   Families indicate their preference for location of services, such as in the home, community or at a Fred Finch office.

  •  The Wrap team works with families to learn effective tools and strategies to help create sustainable stability and progress in the home, school, and community, utilizing a comprehensive strength based approach.

  •  Offers a myriad of services and support including behavioral and mental health assessment and interventions as well as medication and psychiatric support.  Participants include the child, youth and their family; a Care Coordinator, Behavior Counselor, and Parent/Youth Partner, school personnel, other service providers, and/or other family designates.

  •  Wrap Connections is provided through a contract with San Diego County Behavioral Health Services (BHS).

Wrap Connecton
  • The Child and Family Team (CFT) Meeting Facilitation program is a partnership between Fred Finch, San Diego County Child Welfare Services, Behavioral Health Services, and Probation

  • Promotes the overall well-being of youth up to 21 years old through enhanced communication and collaboration with the people most important in their lives, including family and caregivers in Child and Family Team (CFT) Meetings. 

  • These meetings help to create a culturally relevant and individualized plan for the youth and family to help them meet treatment goals while remaining in their home environment.

  • Provides an array of services in order to promote wellness, resilience, and stability in the youth’s home.

  • Services include safety planning, behavioral intervention, family and individual support. 

  • A central element of this program is the establishment of Child and Family Team Meetings.

  • Our Full-Service Partnership with San Mateo County (FSP-SM) serves foster youth who reside outside of San Mateo County and its duration is open ended.

  • The Regional Center (RC) program serves youth who have challenges that put them at risk of needing higher level of housing care. Services provided for up to 18 months

  • Our Full-Service Partnership with Alameda County (FSP-AC) serves youth that have significant mental health issues using the Wraparound approach. Services range 18-24 months.

East Bay Wrap
  • Family-Centered, Community-Based program that offers highly individualized Mental Health and Behavioral services for children, youth and families referred by the San Diego Regional Center. 

  • Participants are between the ages of 5-25 and have received a Developmental Disability diagnosis, such as Autism Spectrum or Intellectual Disability, and may also have a mental health diagnosis. 

  • Program emphasizes a family-centered, strength-based and a culturally competent approach aimed at decreasing challenges related to the participant's diagnoses. 

  • We provide:  

    • Direct support services to help address needs and model problem-solving across all life domains as needed.  

    • Support and coaching in crisis management and safety planning.

    • A planning process to teach caregivers and family the skills needed to create stability in the home or home-like setting. 

Specialized Wrap
Wrap Conncton

The Family Urgent Response System (FURS) offers current and former foster youth and their caregivers free 24/7/365 trauma- informed support for big or small challenges. A Mobile Response Team will offer immediate in-person services and will help connect the child, youth, or caregiver to additional services and supports in their community

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