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Children, youth and young adults between the ages of 5 -25 who are currently eligible for San Diego Regional Center services.  Specialized Wraparound is provided through a contract with San Diego Regional Center, supporting youth and families living in San Diego and Imperial County.

Fred Finch Specialized Wraparound is a family-centered, community-based program that offers highly individualized mental health and behavioral services for youth and families referred by the San Diego Regional Center.  These support services can include intensive care coordination with the family's extended team of providers, safety planning and crisis management, ongoing clinical assessments, direct behavioral and mental health treatment and intervention, and opportunities for psychotherapy and psychiatric and medication monitoring.
Spec Wrap Eligibility

About Specialized Wraparound

Youth participants demonstrate behavior challenges that pose barriers to living successfully in natural home environments and impair their ability to create healthy, lasting relationships with others. Specialized Wrap providers work with the youth participant, their family, as well as their extended team of providers and supports, to identify their areas of need. The Specialized Wrap team collaborate with the youth participant and family to co-create and implement a Wraparound treatment plan which will include strategies, interventions, and resources that supports stability in the home and community settings while decreasing behavior challenges.

The program employs family-centered, strength-based practices and a culturally-mindful approach. Specialized Wraparound offers the following services: assessment and intervention, intensive care coordination and case management; caregiver/parent coaching; crisis response and safety planning; linking family/youth to natural and community supports and resources; and access to psychotherapeutic and psychiatric support services.

Spec Wrap Program Details

Contact your San Diego Regional Center (SDRC) Service Coordinator

For further information, contact Talia Morrison, LMFT, Specialized Wraparound Program Manager or 619-797-1090 

3845 Spring Drive, Spring Valley, California 91977

Spec Wrap Referrals
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