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Fred Finch Youth & Family Services has provided special education, non-public school services and behavioral health services to public schools for more than two decades.

Our non-public schools in Oakland and San Diego are certified by the State Department of Education and provide comprehensive special education services to students with complex challenges resulting from both emotional disturbance and developmental disability.

Fred Finch also partners with public schools to provide a wide range of services to promote educational achievement for students.  Fred Finch school-linked programs assist young people with mental illness, significant trauma and/or loss, and other learning challenges secondary to emotional distress to develop effective learning strategies and achieve success in school. Individually tailored, our services effectively support students to meet their educational goals.

Counseling Enriched Classroom

A collaboration between Alameda County Behavioral Health Care Services, Oakland Unified School District, and Fred Finch, Counseling Enriched Classrooms support students with emotional and behavioral disturbances. The Oakland middle and high school students receive intensive services from two to six years, including individual, family and group therapy as well as individual and group rehabilitation, case management and crisis intervention.

The Counseling Enriched Classroom program serves approximately 40 participants a school year within small special education classroom settings of 12 to 14 students in one middle schools and two high schools. Fred Finch provides two Licensed or Master’s level clinicians for each school site. The integrated support and intensive therapy and rehabilitation have a dramatic impact on students, with 75% showing improvements in life functioning, which includes school performance, social interaction as well as attitudes and behavior toward home life, safety and health.

Counseling Enriched Classroom
High School Friends

Screening to Care
East San Diego

School-Based behavioral health program in partnership with Santee Unified School District focused on providing prevention and intervention services to students through Multi-Tiered Systems of Support (MTSS).

Screen 2 Care

Avalon Non-Public School

Avalon Non-Public School is a specialized educational placement for students with developmental disabilities and serious emotional disturbance. Avalon residents as well as youth living offsite attend the school.  Its purpose is to maximize the student’s level of academic and social functioning with intensive mental health services integrated throughout. A key objective of the program is increasing the student’s ability to succeed in a less restrictive school environment, reduced structure and increased independence.


With a multidisciplinary team comprised of highly experienced staff, the rates of success of Avalon are high. After a one year to 18-month stay, 100% of youth had decreased symptoms after completing the program. More than 57% of students achieved their Individual Education Plan goals.

Avalon Non-Pubic School

San Diego Dual Diagnosis Non-Public School

San Diego Dual Diagnosis Non-Public School is a specialized educational placement for students with Developmental Disabilities and Serious Emotional Disturbance. Its purpose is to maximize the student’s level of academic and community functioning, enabling them to engage in a pattern of everyday living similar to that of typical peers. A key objective of the program is increasing the student’s ability to succeed in a less restrictive school environment, reduced structure and increased independence.

In addition to the special education portion of the program, this Fred Finch non-public school has the capacity to provide mental health day treatment services for qualified students. The school provides a safe, stable, and highly structured environment by combining intensive staffing, a therapeutic milieu culture, mental health interventions, behavior modification, and a positive peer environment.

SD DD Non-Public School

School Based Services

School Based Services

Fred Finch School Based Services are a full-service therapy program designed to help youth in elementary through high school to learn to succeed in school, improve their grades, attendance and interpersonal relationships with their peers and families.


Fred Finch Youth & Family Services staff work closely with teachers, school staff, caregivers, parents, and participants to improve participants’ functioning at school and home. Each student is evaluated independently and a customized action plan is developed for addressing each of the known barriers to success.  Youth enrolled at the schools below in Alameda and Contra Costa Counties who have full-scope Medi-Cal are eligible for services.

Anthony Ochoa Middle School (Hayward)
Brenkwitz High School (Hayward)
Bret Harte Middle School (Hayward)
Bret Harte Middle School (Oakland)
Eden Gardens Elementary (Hayward)
Edna Brewer Middle School (Oakland)
Fairview Elementary (Hayward)
Madison Middle School (Oakland)

Madison Park Primary Campus (Oakland)
Manzanita SEED Elementary (Oakland)
Melrose Leadership Academy (Oakland)
Montera Middle School (Oakland)
Schafer Park Elementary (Hayward)

Westlake Middle School (Oakland)

Bel Air Elementary School (Bay Point)
Concord High School (Concord)
El Dorado Middle School (Concord)
Meadow Homes Elementary School (Concord)
Mt. Diablo High School (Concord)
Oak Grove Middle School (Concord)
Shores Acres Elementary School (Bay Point)
Valley View Middle School (Pleasant Hill)
Wren Avenue Elementary School (Concord)
Ygnacio Valley Elementary School (Concord)
Ygnacio Valley High School (Concord)

As part of the John Muir Program Fred Finch CC SBS also services:

Antioch High School (Antioch)

& 2 Community Based Positions, 1 in Brentwood and the other in Concord


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