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New Yosemite is a crisis stabilization and assessment program for youth with developmental disabilities and/or autism. It is a joint venture between Fred Finch Youth & Family Services and Regional Center of the East Bay (RCEB).

The program serves male and female clients, ages 8 through 18, who are in crisis, are Regional Center clients, and are approved for placement by the Placement Coordinator at RCEB. New Yosemite serves youth under age 12 only by mutual agreement between FFYC and RCEB.

The program population derives from two sources: participants who are struggling to be maintained in and out of home care and participants whose family systems are stressed beyond their capacity to maintain the child in their home.

The program offers crisis intervention, behavior stabilization, clinical assessment, brief treatment, individual and family therapy, and comprehensive discharge planning services for placed youth. A range of integrated and culturally sensitive therapeutic and behavioral services are provided which incorporate the values of psychiatric rehabilitation and professional intervention with a child and family-centered, individualized treatment approach. This combination of services, provided up to 90 days, allows for the development of comprehensive treatment and appropriate after-care plans for each youth.

New Yosemite Eligibility


Regional Center of the East Bay youth age 8—18 who are in acute crisis.


For more information or if you wish to make a referral, please contact Senior Director Mar Smith, LCSW at 510-482-2244, ext. 5254.

Avalon (residential program) 3740 Coolidge Avenue, Oakland, California 94602

New Yosemite Referrals
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