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The Fred Finch Avalon Program is a 14-bed residential treatment facility with an on-site, non-public school which includes integrated intensive mental health services.


The program provides a safe, stable, and highly structured environment by combining intensive staffing, a milieu culture, mental health interventions and behavior modification. Youth are assessed at in-take and receive on-going evaluation. Individual, group, family and milieu therapy is a part of everyday life. Youth also receive case management, medication support and monitoring, expressive arts, special education, crisis intervention, behavior management and skill-building. The goal of the program is to maximize a resident’s level of functioning to enable them to engage in a pattern of everyday living similar to that of non-disabled peers. We strive to increase a resident’s abilities to live in a less restrictive environment with less intensive staffing, less formal structure, and more relaxed programming.



Youth and adolescents with dual-diagnoses, defined as a diagnosis of both:

  • a developmental disability or autism, and

  • a co-occurring psychiatric disorder.

Avalon Eligibility


For more information or if you wish to make a referral, please contact Senior Director Mar Smith, LCSW at 510-482-2244, ext. 5254.

Avalon (residential program) 3740 Coolidge Avenue, Oakland, California 94602

Avalon Referrals
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