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Updated: May 21, 2020

Erica, 19, was just beginning her journey at university. Erica had grown up in foster care, but like many young adults, she moved into a dorm for the first time and began taking college classes. Unfortunately, this transition came with some major mental health challenges for Erica. Before she came to Fred Finch’s East Bay Wraparound program, she had been burdened with thoughts of suicide, and was ultimately hospitalized for suicidal ideation. Her mental health difficulties were interfering with her studies, her life, and her well-being.

East Bay Wrap is one of the many wraparound programs provided by Fred Finch Youth & Family Services. Why “wraparound?” It’s exactly what it sounds like- wraparound programs “wrap” a child or young person in a web of support, building a team of professionals (like clinicians, therapists, and case managers) together with natural sources of support in the participant’s life (like parents, teachers, coaches, or religious leaders). Wraparound puts the participant and their family at the center, directing their own treatment and plan.

For Erica, her wraparound plan included weekly therapy sessions, and regular meetings with her entire support team. These meetings helped Erica to find a job at the county and a stable apartment of her own. Even though Erica knew that she wanted these things, and had the tools to accomplish them, she said it was really helpful to have the extra support and accountability for getting them done. Through therapy, Erica learned better tools for expressing her feelings and for managing conflicts with others. With these goals accomplished, and far more stability attained, Erica and the Wrap team were happy to close her case.



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