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As Michaela began a new program at university and moved into a dorm in the East Bay, she knew that she was likely to need a little extra support in order to succeed. Michaela, a foster youth in San Mateo, had recently been hospitalized for suicidal ideation, and struggled with conflicts with family and friends. The new stressors of a recent move and the pressures of academic life were sure to present new challenges, and it was dramatically important to Michaela that she not undo the progress she had already made.

East Bay Wraparound, one of Fred Finch's community-based programs, was a perfect fit for Michaela’s needs. East Bay Wrap is a program specifically designed to strengthen family connections, while simultaneously treating the youth participant through counseling, assistance with medications and re-building natural community supports. Through East Bay Wrap, Michaela received weekly therapy and regular check-ins to encourage her to follow up on important tasks.

One of the highlights of East Bay Wraparound is the establishment of a Child and Family Team (CFT), specifically designed for each youth that participates in the program. Typical members of the CFT include the youth, foster parents/care givers, bio-family, Fred Finch staff and county case managers and/or probation officers. The CFT meet monthly to identify the participant’s highest priority needs. For Michaela, this meant that she had support from all directions as she transitioned into young adulthood and her new student lifestyle.

East Bay Wraparound offers support around-the-clock, which meant that Michaela and her family could call for assistance at any time, day or night, if there was a crisis and they need help de-escalating the situation.

We’re happy to say that Michaela graduated from our East Bay Wrap program after stabilizing and successfully finding a job. Although her transition was a tough one, we know that she’s got all the tools she needs to thrive as she looks to the future.

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