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Introducing Today's Fred Finch!

Updated: Nov 11, 2019

On behalf of the staff of Fred Finch and in partnership with our Board of Directors we are incredibly excited to announce effective immediately the official name and branding of our agency:

Since opening as an orphanage in 1891 on our present day Oakland campus, Fred Finch has had many different names and a variety of differing brand looks. Today, we are so much more than a “Youth Center” and the overwhelming opinions of our staff and supporters agree our brand should reflect our entire organization and the work we do not only in the services we provide, but also in the regions we serve. The word “Center” strongly implies we operate from one location; and, as we continue to grow and expand our services throughout California, it is imperative our name and brand identity represent our entire organization as we work collectively to support youth and families with culturally responsive care and services.

We hope you share our enthusiasm as we begin this new chapter in our history. We are thrilled to present our new identity which more appropriately represents the scope of our work and our value to the communities we serve.

Our Beautiful New Visual Identity!


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Unknown member
Aug 29, 2021

Lovely post, thanks for posting

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