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Fred Finch Youth & Family Services Introduces: Wrap Connections

Fred Finch Youth & Family Services awarded new mental health contract focused on most vulnerable children and caregivers in San Diego County

January, 2022- San Diego, California –The County of San Diego Behavioral Health Department announced that it has awarded Fred Finch Youth & Family Services (FF) a multi-year contract to provide care for at risk children and youth throughout the county. Facing challenges of self-sufficiency, mental illness, substance abuse or significant mental impairment, along with family disruption, chronic poverty and violence, this target group represents children with the highest need of support in San Diego County. The program is slated to help over 300 youth in 2022 and increase through the duration of the contract as staffing levels increase.

The program, known as Wrap Connections, targets children ages 5 – 18. Wraparound is a family centered, community-based program designed to support youth and families. Utilizing a strength based, comprehensive approach, the Wrap team works with families to learn effective tools and strategies to help create sustainable stability and progress in the home, school, and community. Wraparound offers a myriad of services and support including behavioral and mental health assessment and interventions as well as medication and psychiatric support.

“This is a highly individualized program,” said Tom Alexander, President & CEO. “The goal is to provide youth with wraparound supportive services while giving the maximum amount of support for the child and the primary caregivers. By bringing the care to the client, we see better outcomes – more stability and better resolutions for children and their caregivers and family.” This model includes highly specialized case management to provide intensive services and supports, strong connections with ethnicity specific community organizations and an emphasis on the development of each participant and their family while allowing easy access to community resources.

Specifically, the program is designed to help children in various stages of crisis, including self -destructive or violent behaviors, behavioral issues that lead to learning difficulties and socialization as a condition of trauma and mental health issues. It is also designed to assist caregivers on ways to help children cope with the root issues causing the behaviors.

Fred Finch is proud of the relationships it has cultivated over the past decades in Southern California and especially in San Diego County and brings critical partners to the table when needed. “We work closely with our partners to assist in the care and treatment of this population of kids, and their caregivers,” said Alexander. Some of these partners include Child Welfare Services, Children’s Mental Health, The San Diego Regional Center, Probation and Education.

“Fred Finch is very excited to provide these critical resources and services to the children, youth and families and key stakeholders across San Diego County–implementing a proven approach that improves their quality of life” said Dr. Teresa Chapa, Regional Vice President. “Our approach is both trauma-informed and culturally and linguistically responsive” with deep community roots”.

The new contract will begin in January of 2022 and run until June of 2026



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