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Located on the Fred Finch Oakland Campus, Rising Oaks gave Chara the support she needed to care for her new baby.

When 21 year-old Chara learned that she was pregnant, she was addicted to methamphetamine. Driven by thoughts of the health of her future child, she gave up using drugs. Three weeks after the baby was born, they moved to Rising Oaks, where Chara has access to many kinds of support as she works to change her life. In the last year, she has worked hard to develop new skills with the help of her individual therapist and other Rising Oaks staff members. They’ve worked together to give Chara new ways to navigate life’s challenges, especially when difficult situations with other people arise. Chara and her partner “fell in love while they were high,” and the staff at Rising Oaks has supported her as she learns tactics for coping with conflicts and maintaining their relationship in sobriety. Chara has also become a more attentive and involved parent, asking careful questions and seeking advice from staff about child development.

Recently, Chara decided that it was time to find employment. She spent weeks on the job hunt, applying and going to numerous interviews, and the Rising Oaks staff was with her every step of the way- helping her write her resume, giving her rides or bus passes to get to her interviews, and assisting with child care during this busy period. Chara’s hard work paid off, and she got a job as a dental assistant, and is even training to become certified.

While life still provides plenty of challenges, Chara has shown that she is truly committed to improving her situation. Over the last year she has demonstrated her willingness to take active steps to build a healthy life for herself and her child, and our Rising Oaks staff couldn’t be more excited to watch her grow.


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