Eligibility: Transitions serves transition aged youth (TAY) and young adults ages 15.5 through 21 who are transitioning into adulthood. Program participants must have full-scope Alameda County Medi-Cal. If the young adult has SSI, Transitions can provide services until age 22. The services can begin prior to the youth leaving foster, residential, or family care. Transitions services are useful for any youth whose mental health symptoms (e.g., anxiety, stress, depression, mood swings, trauma-related symptoms, interpersonal/familial conflicts, and voices/delusions) interfere with their ability to identify or pursue their goals.

Program Synopsis: The Transitions Program provides individualized mental health services in the forms of individual therapy, individual rehabilitation (hands-on skills building to improve functioning), family therapy, group therapy and group rehabilitation, and comprehensive clinical case management for youth transitioning into adulthood. In addition, Transitions provides psychiatric/medication support services to our participants who need and request them. Services include service coordination; skill building for community living; and linkage to programs for housing, employment, job training, public benefits, and education. Our aim is to help TAY reduce barriers to obtaining these age-related goals. The program assists youth to resolve or cope with their symptoms and problems, as well as to create a long-term support system that can assist them to make progress towards their personal goals.

About the program:

Transitions works in a strengths-based, culturally relevant, and co-occurring friendly manner with participants. The program utilizes many principles of the Transition to Independence Process model that engages youth in their own recovery process towards healthier expressions of their lives. Service delivery is a collaborative process, helping participants to co-create their short- and long-term goals. We provide community-based services, meeting participants in environments where they feel most comfortable. Services are designed to meet TAY where they are, using modalities and interventions that TAY can relate to, including engaging youth in a nonjudgmental, conversational style of communication, and discussing topics that are relevant to TAY. Services place much emphasis on building a strong therapeutic alliance with our participants in order to foster the most effective outcomes.

For more information, please contact Program Manager DeVera Jackson-Garber at 510-667-7811.

Transitions 675 Hegenberger Road, Suite 100, Oakland, California 94621