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Hispanic Heritage Month 2019

Updated: Feb 27, 2020

Fred Finch recognizes the many contributions of Latinx communities during Hispanic Heritage Month which takes place September 15 to October 15.

Did you know that persons of Latinx origin are the nation’s largest ethnic/racial minority? In fact, we are 56.6 million strong- almost 18% of the U.S. population; the youngest cultural group with the largest numbers residing right here in California.

Yet, despite our presence and strength in numbers Latinx are overrepresented in many of the most vulnerable populations, including the poor, children, elderly and the uninsured. We are less likely to seek and receive needed mental health care because of fear, legal status, shame or lack of information. And although we experience common mental health concerns such as depression, suicidality, PTSD, drug/alcohol addictions, and the additional burden of migration-related trauma and fear of deportation and familial separation can leave indelible effects. Our ability to access quality culturally appropriate treatment is poor, putting Latinx populations at a higher risk for more severe and persistent forms of mental health conditions. At the same time, we are overwhelmingly underrepresented among mental health professionals, leaving a critical gap in service provision- especially for those who prefer to communicate in Spanish.

Fred Finch is committed to serving our Latinx children, youth and families though building a diverse workforce and by addressing key issues that impact our community most. We strive to promote awareness and knowledge of the challenges experienced by Latinx children, youth and families both within our agency and with our external partners. And create pathways that will enhance access to quality mental healthcare through direct services, supports, advocacy and training.

In the spirit of celebrating Latinx communities, Fred Finch invites you to participate in a 1-day symposium aimed to heighten awareness, knowledge and skills of mental health providers serving Latinx families in Southern California: Alcanzado Nuevos Rumbos: Promoting Wellness in Latinx Children and Families Living Along the Border through the Implementations of Culturally Responsive Treatments.

Join Fred Finch in partnership with MHTCC & San Diego State University in celebrating Latinx/Hispanic Heritage month by registering for a one day Symposium. This is a free event for health/mental healthcare workers and students and continuing education credits will be provided.

Register by clicking HERE.

Teresa Chapa, PhD, MPA is the Fred Finch Regional VP where she oversees growth and operations for Southern California. She is a life-long advocate for mental health and wellness, health equity, integrated behavioral health, cultural and linguistic competence, and workforce development. Dr. Chapa has had a distinguished career of more than 25 years in graduate education and public service at the federal, state and community levels; including the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services, Office of Minority Health, Office of the Secretary, where she established and led the behavioral health section and integrated behavioral health care focus in her position as Senior Policy Advisor for Mental Health.


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