Specialized Wraparound

Specialized Wraparound

Eligibility: Children, youth and young adults between the ages of 5 -24 who are currently eligible for San Diego Regional Center services.

Program Synopsis: A family-centered, San Diego Regional Center-based program designed to strengthen the family while simultaneously treating the youth participant through counseling, assistance with medications and re-building natural family and community supports.

About the Program:

Youth participants demonstrate behavior challenges that pose barriers to living successfully in natural home environments and impair their ability to create healthy, lasting relationships with others. Therapists make an assessment and work with youth, treatment providers and families to develop and implement a treatment plan. The Specialized Wrap team works with the youth participant and family to create, implement, and practice a family plan that creates stability in the home. The goals of the program are to address the youth’s mental health needs, diminish negative social behaviors, and to preserve the family.

The program employs family-centered, strength-based practices and a culturally competent approach. The program offers the following services: assessment and intervention, individual and family counseling; case management; caregiver/parent coaching; crisis response; linking family/youth to natural and community support; and access to psychiatric support and medication.

Referrals: San Diego Regional Center staff determines which Regional Center youth are eligible for participation.

For more information, contact Talia Morrison l at 619-797-1090 .

3845 Spring Drive, Spring Valley, California 91977