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Fred Finch CARES Fall Newsletter

Updated: Oct 7, 2020

To our CARES community, friends, and supporters-

Fall has started, and many of us are back to school and routines. Classtime is looking a little different this year, whether it’s remote-learning or socially-distanced school days. We’re ready to embrace the changes of the season and we hope that you are too!

What’s Going on at Fred Finch CARES this Month?

October is National Sensory Awareness Month!

Sensory Processing Disorder (SPD) exists when sensory signals, which we need to perform everyday tasks, are not processed, or detected correctly. This leads to inappropriate motor and behavior responses. Many children and adults are impacted and misdiagnosed. If untreated, difficulties associated with SPD can worsen and lead to depression, social isolation, and have other adverse effects on

everyday life. To read more about Sensory Processing disorder, visit here.

Sensory Play

Even though playing outside may be limited, there are so many ways to learn and have fun indoors with different sensory elements. The Autism Support Network has some great ideas for fun sensory activities for kids with autism and developmental delays that can be done indoors.

Helpful Resources and Ideas for Parents:

Supporting Children with Autism During Back-to-School Season

Changing routines and getting back to school is almost always challenging for kiddos with autism or other developmental delays. Here are some tips on making those transitions as easy as possible:

  • Remember to prime your kids and give them advance warning before starting and ending different activities.

  • Make a schedule, post it in a prominent place, and try your hardest to follow it throughout the day! It will make transitions between activities easier and make the day pass a little more quickly for you and your kid(s).

  • Offer lots of small choices and task guidance throughout the day.

Read more about the tips and get more ideas and advice here.

Smoky Air Safety Tips

With the fires that have burned all over California, many of us have had to deal with issues of smoke quality. We’re already masked for COVID-19, but the smoke adds an extra layer of difficulty for those with breathing or sinus problems. On top of that, simply living through this climate catastrophe is stressful for all of us. Children with developmental delays may be particularly distressed by the change in atmosphere or the stress of the fires. The Autism Community in Action has some great tips for dealing with fire season here.

CARES Spotlight of the Week

Did you know that Fred Finch CARES offers therapeutic mental health services?

In addition to the services for developmental disabilities in children and young adults, Fred Finch CARES offers an array of Mental Health Care Services including counseling/therapy services, psychological and developmental evaluations, short term intensive therapeutic interventions and enhanced psychiatry.

CARES accepts many health insurance providers.

Fred Finch CARES offers services in four counties in Southern California- San Diego, Imperial, Riverside and Orange County. Services include ABA and a variety of Mental Health services.

For more information about Fred Finch CARES, or to inquire about our services, please visit our website:


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