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Fred Finch CARES Summer Newsletter

Fred Finch and Communities of Color

Throughout June, the nation felt massive waves of renewed grief and frustration over the unjust killings of Black men and women by police, and over the generations of trauma faced by communities of color in the United States.

These events can be really difficult to talk to children about, especially children with developmental disabilities. Here is a list with some basic tips for having conversations with kids about race and racism. For younger kids, CNN and Sesame Street paired up for a town hall about race and policing, which you can view here. Talking to kids about these major national events and the way they affect each of us is tough, but important!

As for Fred Finch, we recently outlined our position on recent events and our support for communities of color, and especially Black families, on our blog. As a longtime ally and provider of services for families suffering from trauma, poverty, and mental health challenges, we know how important these issues are.

Summer Activities

Don’t let coronavirus stop your kids from having fun this summer! Check out this link for some great suggestions for outdoor activities for the summertime.

As COVID-19 rages on throughout California, it is still so very important to wear masks in public spaces! Don’t forget your masks when your family goes outside- for their safety and the safety of all! We know that this can be especially challenging for kids with autism. Here are some tips for helping autistic and developmentally disabled kids to use masks.

Did you know?

Fred Finch CARES offers services in four counties in southern California- San Diego, Imperial, Riverside and Orange County including ABA and mental health services.

For more information about Fred Finch CARES, or to inquire about our services, please visit our website:


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