• Photo of mural at Spring Valley Elementary

    An anti-violence mural at our southern California non-public school located at Spring Valley Elementary in Spring Valley, California

  • classroom

    A glimpse into Special Education Teacher Kathrina Schnowske’s classroom at our non-public school in Spring Valley, California

  • 20130305_115512_2013_03_05_FredFinchYouthCenter-Edit

    Fred Finch Youth Center Oakland Headquarters

  • 20130305_130300_2013_03_05_FredFinchYouthCenter-2

    An original building on the Fred Finch Youth Center Oakland Campus, built in 1898

  • FFYCBoys:Counselor photo

    At Fred Finch Youth Center, we believe in each young person and family we meet.

  • 20130305_143038_2013_03_05_FredFinchYouthCenter

    Fred (another Fred, not Fred Finch) has been a part of the Fred Finch Youth Center community for over 20 years

  • Jeremy Smiles

    Jeremy Smiles, Fred Finch Alumnus, who lived on the Oakland Campus during the mid- 90’s

  • 20130305_123625_2013_03_05_FredFinchYouthCenter-2-Edit

    Resident of Coolidge Court on the Fred Finch Youth Center Oakland Campus

  • 20130305_132248_2013_03_05_FredFinchYouthCenter

    Alejandro, a staff member in the Human Resources department at our Fred Finch Youth Center Oakland campus