Training Institute

Training Institute

The FFYC Training Institute provides educational opportunities for programs and communities across the nation.

FFCYC’s Training Institute ensures quality trainings that support skill development, attitude enhancement, and advanced critical understanding of the wide variety of topics offered.

We currently offer trainings in residential and wraparound specific topics. To learn more about what trainings are available, view or download the Training Institute brochure hereJesusSandoval

Our Training Institute will design a training to meet your program’s specific needs, and are tailored for your program service model. These trainings are provided at cost. Rates vary depending on training design, including number of trainers/participant trained, travel, consultation, etc. We provide a free of charge consultation for your training design. Trainings are also offered in Spanish, or bi-lingual for an audience including both English and Spanish speaking participants.

These trainings are separate from our Title IV-E free trainings for those serving Alameda County at-risk youth.

For more information, please contact Trainer Jesus Sandoval at 619-792-9180.

Trainer Jesus Sandoval