Therapeutic Behavioral Services

Therapeutic Behavioral Services

Eligibility: Therapeutic Behavioral Service (TBS) is available to children and youth under age 21 who have serious emotional challenges and who are eligible for a full array of Medi-Cal benefits without restrictions or limitations (full scope Medi-Cal). TBS serves participants living in and around Alameda and San Mateo Counties. As of fall 2015, TBS services are also available to youth under age 21 who have intellectual disabilities in Santa Clara County.

Program Synopsis: Fred Finch Youth Center has provided Therapeutic Behavioral Services (TBS) since 2001. The TBS model is a one-to-one behavioral intervention adjunct to mental health services. TBS can help children, youth, parents, caregivers, foster parents, group home staff, and school personnel learn new ways to eliminate, reduce and manage challenging behaviors, as well as strategies and skills to increase the kinds of behaviors that will enable children and youth to succeed in their current environment and prevent transition to higher level placements. TBS also helps children and youth transition to lower levels of care (e.g., moving from a group to a family home).

About the program:
TBS behavior “coaches” work intensively with a participant in their home or in the community. FFYC requests authorization to provide services up to 20 hours a week. The needs of each participant guide the length and intensity of the TBS services they receive. The TBS coach designs, structures, models, and supports one-to-one interventions to modify target behaviors of concern or teach appropriate alternative behaviors, so that children and their family members or caregivers can live independently. To sustain participants’ improvements after TBS concludes, staff develops transition plans to help each child and their caregivers.

For more information about TBS in Alameda County, please contact Intake Coordinator Ty Lambert at 510-482-2244, ext. 5270.

TBS in Alameda County 3800 Coolidge Avenue, Oakland, California 94602

For more information about TBS in San Mateo County or about TBS for youth with intellectual disabilities in Santa Clara County, please contact Program Director Misha Sky at 650 235-5360.

TBS in San Mateo County and Santa Clara County 126 West 25th Avenue, Suite 200, San Mateo, California 94403