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Raising Awareness Through 129 Years of Continued Service

Updated: May 26, 2022


Fred Finch Youth & Family Services has been providing innovative and effective treatment to children and families in California since 1891. As we continue to expand our service capacity - both geographically and through new program development - we are responding to the evolving needs of the most vulnerable populations throughout the state. Our commitment to offering hope no matter the circumstances, remains unchanged throughout our 129-year history.

As we shift in response to this current global crisis, our dedicated staff is continuing our commitment to ensure that our youth and families have access to critical services. We have implemented procedures to maintain everyone’s health and safety by applying virtual treatment options, and moving many services usually conducted in offices or schools to family homes or telehealth, while following all CDC-recommended guidelines.

We recognize the tremendous impact the COVID-19 emergency has had on our participants and under-served communities, and will continue to progress and innovate as an agency however possible to ensure we are able to meet the needs of those we serve.


May 1st marked the official start of Mental Health Awareness Month in the United States. Since 1949, this month of recognition has helped to raise awareness for the millions of people throughout the country struggling not only with serious mental health diagnoses, but also for everyone’s individual experiences with mental health and the effect it has on our lives.

This year, as the world grapples with the reality of this global pandemic through necessary methods of social distancing and isolation, we have been forced to explore our own feelings of mourning for what has been lost, and the uncertainty of what will be forever changed.

As a trauma-informed agency, Fred Finch recognizes the significance of these events and encourages everyone to please take care of themselves and those close to them. Be mindful of how this time of social distancing can feel isolating and join us in continuing to foster our social connections safely, through virtual and new means of communication.


In response to the unprecedented need caused by the COVID-19 emergency, #GIVINGTUESDAYNOW was established as a global day of generosity and unity to come together and give back to organizations like Fred Finch, which are continuing to provide support to those at risk.

Many of our supporters have reached out to inquire as to what can help during these difficult times, and this continued backing of our mission is appreciated more than you know. If you do have the capacity to donate, please know your support is invaluable in helping us work through this crisis for the benefit of the youth and families we serve.

Fred Finch has persevered through hardship many times throughout our 129-year history, and we are confident that with supporters like you, we will continue to provide support to those in need for another one and a quarter centuries and beyond.


The Fred Finch Center for Autism, Research, Evaluation and Services (CARES) celebrated April as Autism Awareness Month by releasing the inaugural CARES Monthly Newsletter.

To learn more about Fred Finch CARES, and to access helpful parenting tips during Shelter in Place please find the April CARES newsletter here.


A huge part of recognizing this year’s Mental Health Awareness Month involves understanding the stresses and challenges that our children are also facing in response to the shift in normalcy due to COVID-19.

For professional guidance on how to support children's emotional challenges during this time, read Fred Finch School-Based Mental Health Therapist Sonia Heidenreich's blog: Supporting Kids with Mood Regulation During Shelter in Place.


We are all learning how to continue our demanding schedules while balancing the changes to our routines in response to COVID-19.

Read Fred Finch School-Based Mental Health Therapist Jean Pierre De Oliveira's blog on adapting to these demands: The Art of Spinning Plates During a Hurricane

For more information on our work at Fred Finch Youth & Family Services, check out our website



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