Counseling-Enriched Classroom

Counseling-Enriched Classroom

Counseling-Enriched Classroom for Oakland Unified School District

Eligibility: Enrolled students at Montera and Westlake Middle Schools, and Oakland and Skyline High Schools in the Oakland Unified School District.

Program Synopsis: A mental health and psycho-education program designed to help struggling OUSD students succeed in school.

About the Program:

In coordination with the Oakland Unified School District, Fred Finch Youth Center works with students identified as “high risk” by school staff to define individualized goals and strategies to address behaviors that are impacting the student’s ability to succeed academically or socially in school. Mental health therapists work collaboratively with school staff and caregivers to develop a nurturing, structured milieu.

Referrals are made through faculty, school-site counselor, and school-site staff recommendations. Please contact your child’s school administration for more information on how to make a referral.

For more information, please contact Program Director Amanda Herrera, LCSW at 510-542-0074.

Classroom-Enriched Counseling 3800 Coolidge Avenue, Oakland, California 94602