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Community Wraparound

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In San Diego, CA, over 6,950 individuals belong to approximately 155 street gangs, the majority in the low income Central and South East regions.

Most youth join gangs in early adolescence and 39% of gang members have at leaCW!-logost one parent in the same gang. Youth in gangs rarely finish high school, replacing school with gang activities that include violent and non-violent crime. In fact, of the 67,621 crimes committed in San Diego in 2014, gangs were responsible for nearly 17,000.

Community Wraparound, led by Fred Finch Youth Center, is a gang prevention, positive youth development, and community safety initiative that leverages strategic community alliances to support gang-affiliated youth by offering an alternative to gang life and promoting success through involvement with family, school, work, and community. A partnership between numerous community partners, the program includes educational, civic, and social components such as individual mentoring and comprehensive life planning; family and group meetings; and community involvement and service projects.

Photo of Community Wrap youth and staffParticipants—primarily low-income, gang-affiliated youth at high risk for incarceration, criminal activity, or victimization—work with a Fred Finch staff member to design their goals and strategies, which are based on their individual strengths. Participants are identified and referred by San Diego Police and Probation who specifically target those gang members who are “next-in-line” to assume gang leadership. The goal of Community Wraparound is to prevent referred participants from making choices that forever alter the course of their lives by giving them a healthy, safe alternative to remaining in a gang.

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A key factor in the success of Community Wraparound is its collaborative, grassroots approach and the fact that it is offered both in and by the Photo of Community Wrap volunteers community. Through collaboration with strategic partners within the participants’ neighborhoods, the program identifies solutions for establishing and sustaining healthy, safe alternatives for gang-affiliated youth facing incarceration. Key partners include: Fred Finch Youth Center, San Diego Police Department, San Diego Probation Department, New Harvest Christian Fellowship, and countless volunteers and community partners.

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