Avalon Laptops and Tablets

Avalon Dual Diagnosis Program is in need of some updated learning tools for their students! The program would love to be able to offer laptops and tablets to the kids the serve.

We would love to accept your donations of new, unused:

  • Chromebooks
  • iPads

Laptop and tablet

Avalon is a residential developmental delay and mental health treatment program located in Oakland, CA. The program houses 14 beds and provides a safe, stable, and highly structured environment for its youth participants. Individual, group, family and milieu therapy is a part of everyday life. The goal of the program is to enable participants to engage in a pattern of everyday living that will pave the way for life in less restrictive environments.

Interested in helping Avalon?

Please keep in mind that FFYC currently only accepts donations of new items and professional services.

For further clarification and to set up donation drop-offs, please contact the FFYC Development Department: